Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think I have found a new THING to be into. This was so much FUN! I had no idea what I was going for when I started them. All the backgrounds are light green from my last dyeing. This piece was started with set-a-color on a stamp made from door/window insulation on a roll and recycled wood. The texture on the insulation is a wonderful effect. I came back with craft spouncers and Lumiere paint. The yellow is a metallic gold Lumiere paint. I started with the hands stamp and yellow. I was using a foam brush to apply the set-a-color. All the paints are set-a-color in this piece. I came back with the green and then later applied the red and blue. The smaller dots are the same paint as the larger with some white set-a-color to lighten the effect.

I think this is my favorite piece. I started with the string stamp and Dye-na-Flow and then came back with Lumiere. I know I will be making more pieces like this. I'm anxious to make more string stamps.

I started with Dye-na-Flow on this piece. I was applying it with a foam brush. I didn't like the effect. Later, I stamped all over the piece with the same stamp and Lumiere. This time I used a foam roller to apply the paint. I love the effect of the roller. I may end up going back over this piece with the same stamp and more green paint.

These pieces are the result of a challenge I made a few weeks ago. I'm so glad that I made the challenge and got the pieces done. I learned a lot from this project. I know I will be doing this again soon.


  1. I love them Debbie!!! I knew your stamps were going to do great!

  2. They are gorgeous Debbie!! Especially the one on top.

  3. Hi Debbie...you could actually stamp a fabric to use in the UT quilts. Would be very unique