Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday-July 2 days late!

I'm sorry about the delay. I had these blocks up Monday but, I got the picture today. These are some old blocks that I got from my mom while on vacation this year. They look like sample blocks that were made to try a pattern out. I'm planning to make a quilt with them. I don't have all of them on the design wall. I've decided to make a sampler with the blocks. I need to make a decision about some of the fabrics in the blocks. A few of the fabrics have age spots and a few are very thin. I need opinions about this. Should I replace the fabrics or not?


  1. If the fabrics are not holey, then I would fuse an interfacing or stabilizer on the back of the fabric, that way you still have the "original" fabric. These are awesome!

  2. This should make a very interesting quilt. And, I wouldn't change any of the fabrics. I like the idea of stabelizing them with interfacing and then I would think they would do quite well.