Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas quilts and bud watch

I've decided to start decorating for Christmas this week. I'm putting up a Christmas quilt each day until I have all of them put out. I'll continue with the trees and other decorations each day until I'm done. The living room wall quilt was hung Monday and the buffet topper quilt was put out today. The bud watch continues. This shot was taken in the morning sun. I was hoping it would be open today but, it was cool here this morning.
This shot was taken in the shade and closer. This plant is going to be a keeper. It has the same parents as the bloom I had earlier this year. When it blooms, I'll post the parents.

This is the bloom 2009-11-16. It's parents are wallflower and rainbow christie. This shot was taken outside in the sun.

This shot was taken later in the day inside. I wanted to try to get a better shot of the edges of the bloom. It's interesting how different they look.

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