Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick Water Color Quilts

Has anyone seen the quick water color techniques? I saw a demo at Sue's Quilt Shop in Sugarland a few years ago. You cut up the entire piece of fabric into 2" squares and then rearrange the pieces. I've been looking for the right fabrics for this technique for years and I'm having trouble finding the right fabric.
Recently I found a fabric that would work but, I would have to fussy cut the squares. I gave it a try. Last Saturday I spent the entire afternoon cutting my fabric into swiss cheese. I decided to reserve the leftover piece for the backing. I got 2 blocks out of it.
Today I went to the quilt shop, the Quilt Room in Huffman, TX, and bought fabric to finish the quilt. They had fat quarters of the background fabric, too. This quilt is going to be mine. I've made a couple of them from other fabrics and I've given them away.

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  1. How very pretty, I would love to see the finished quilt!