Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday in the garden

Once again it's Wednesday in the garden. The green bean plants have grown taller and there are several bell peppers. The squirrels have been causing trouble. They're been picking and eating the green tomatoes. I tried keeping them out with coffee grounds but, that only worked for about 2 days. Then I tried a cayenne papper and Murphy's oil soap recipe. We also put up nylon netting around the tomato plants. So far so good, the squirrels have left the plants alone. We have 1 small cucumber. This is a view from the other side, the onions are on the far left. The okra will be thinned and mulched today. The tomato plants are getting taller and taller. It looks like some of the tomato plant tags were wrong variety. They won't go to waste, we eat a lot of tomaotes.


  1. Your garden looks great!! I did decide to plant a few things in containers.

  2. I didn't know you blogged :)

    As Judi said your garden looks great, better than mine which is full of weeds. It's neat to look back over the pictures and see the progress.