Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday in the garden

This is the first tomato out of the garden this year, there is a quarter beside it. The plant was marked cherry tomato, it's the largest cherry tomato we have ever seen. We're wondering if the plants were mismarked.

Once again it's Wednesday in the garden. Some animal(s) has dug around in the okra row and broken 4 of the plants. The tomatoes look wonderful and I haven't seen any green beans. The cucumbers and bell peppers are doing well. The top of the PVC is about 7' tall. The celebrity tomato plants are the tallest right now. We have never grown those before.(below) These are the celebrity tomato plants.

(below) This is supposed to be a cherry tomato plant. There are about 20 tomatoes on that one branch. We've added extra support for that branch.


  1. That's a good size cherry tomato. I wonder how mine are going to do in a container.

  2. Nice garden.... lots of work hey? But, worth it..